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About Joe Janiczek

Joe started his career off as an engineer, but quickly learned that a desk job was not his true calling. Instead, he started a small business investing in single family homes in 2012, and has been involved with real estate ever since.

With his technical and analytical background, combined with a passion for technology, he believes that the old idea of listing and buying homes has changed. Long gone are the days of faxing contracts back and forth until the final document is all but unreadable. Instead he seeks to work with new technologies to make each transaction seamless and a non-stressful experience.

Throughout his career in real estate, Joe has performed over a thousand CMA’s and has a proven track record of being able to identify the Fair Market Value of homes in the Chicagoland Suburbs. He believes that the initial asking price is one of the most important factors in selling a home quickly and for highest overall price, and has mastered the art of the CMA.

On other side of a transaction, often times buying a home can be frustrating because it can take dozens of showings to find the right house to make an offer on. Joe has a knack for finding the “dream home” that buyers never thought they would find within their price range.

Give Joe a call today at (219) 299-4442 and put his experience to work for you!